Dyment & O’Connell (2014). When the Ink Runs Dry: Implications for Theory and Practice When Educators Stop Keeping Reflective Journals.

“… we interpreted a reflective journal to be an integrative one in [page break] which the writers critically analyse and grapple with theory, practice, and connections between theory and practice. Importantly, a reflective journal extends beyond the narrower focus of other types of journals by encouraging the writer to take a holistic view of their experience.” (p 418-419)

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Guide: LibreOffice Writer template for student papers following APA style

APA Template Guide

The template was designed, in large part, to conform to the requirements of Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA), 6th Edition (2009). In addition, the template incorporates certain formatting conventions and enhancements to assist university students in the writing of academic papers.

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Zotero: Notes, Quotes, & Annotations

The thing that makes Zotero great is the citation plug-in that can be used in NeoOffice. Any item I’ve saved from my online research using Zotero in Firefox is immediately available through the Zotero citation and bibliography toolbar in NeoOffice. I can select from a number of desired citation styles — in my case it’s … Read more

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