Morris (2016). An Example of Excellence: Chickasaw Language Revitalization through Technology.

“Indeed, through this article, in the Western academic sense, we see technology, adaption and adoption, synthesis and innovation by the Chickasaw Nation. But those from Native communities, including this author, see self-determination in praxis. Language is a matter of cultural survival.” (p 302)

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Android Installers

Active F-Droid Recommended Amaze — File manager AntennaPod — Podcast client Battery Bot Pro — Battery widget BusyBox –Tiny versions of many common UNIX utilities Calendar Widget — Improved calendar widget Conversations — XMPP client DAVdroid — CalDAV & CardDAV sync Diary — Notes by date F-Droid — App manager K-9 Mail — Email KeePass … Read more

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Beaton, Burnard, Linden, & O’Donnell (2016). Keewaytinook Mobile: An Indigenous Community-Owned Mobile Phone Service in Northern Canada.

“… OCAP is an Indigenous response to the role of knowledge production in challenging colonial relations. … First, Indigenous communities must retain access and possession of the capacity and resources to effectively manage the content, traffic and services on their local network. Second, Indigenous communities have a right to own and control the local broadband network in their communities in order to support the flow of information and services (Kakekaspan et al. 2014).” (p 111)

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