A Brief Index of Selected Guidelines from the Seventh Edition of the APA Publication Manual

There are a number of guidelines in the APA Publication Manual that I had trouble finding at one time, so when I eventually found them I noted them down for myself so I could locate them easily whenever I needed to consult them again. here is a brief index of those particular guidelines, along with their locations in the soft-cover copy of the Seventh Edition of the Manual. where available, I’ve also linked to online guidance that reflects what is found in the hard copy. I plan to update this page to include additional guidelines that I expect to consult later.

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Petre & Rugg (2010). Writing structure and style.

“Work backwards from where you want to end up. You want to end up with the examiners looking pleased and relieved as they finish reading your thesis and settle down to watch the latest re-run of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or whatever examiners do in the evening.” (p 143-144)

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Guide: LibreOffice Writer template for student papers following APA style

APA Template Guide

The template was designed, in large part, to conform to the requirements of Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA), 6th Edition (2009). In addition, the template incorporates certain formatting conventions and enhancements to assist university students in the writing of academic papers.

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Rosenshine (1985). Direct instruction.

Rosenshine, B. (1985). Direct instruction. In T. Husén & T. N. Postlethwaite (Eds.), International Encyclopedia of Education (Vols. 1-10, Vol. 3). Oxford: Pergamon Press. “… the term has been used to refer to explicit, step-by-step instruction directed by the teacher.” (p 1395) “… other similar terms such as systematic teaching, explicit instruction, explicit teaching, and … Read more

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