Petre & Rugg (2010). Presentations. (The Unwritten Rules Of PhD Research.)

“… don’t sacrifice the evidence, otherwise your take-away message won’t be convincing. Don’t short-change the context, otherwise the research choices may not make sense. Don’t forget to motivate the question, otherwise the audience might wonder why you’re bothering.” (p 173)

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CSSE-SCÉÉ Roundtable: “Culture in the Balance: Risks and Rewards of Technology In Indigenous Language Learning”

“In an era defined by information technology, more often than not the question of why is being countered with an answer of why not, and any further dialogue withers. Thoughtful research and reflection of technology’s culturally-appropriate application in teaching and learning may not get adequate consideration — such scrutiny is often perceived as an impediment to the progress that technology is presumed to bring.”

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Paper presented at CATAC 2010, Vancouver.

I presented a brief research paper at the CATaC conference in Vancouver on June 18, 2010. My presentation was part of the track on “cultural diversity in e-learning and/or m-learning.” The title of the paper is “The Effect of Culture on Online Learning.” Paper and presentation The completed paper is published at here (short … Read more

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