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…the following  items are a selection   of my current readings  each item below is marked with #tags  to indicate the subject area  i expect the item to inform in my current scholarly work these items were not assigned as part of any coursework, rather, as i read widely, i come across  literature which may inform … Read more

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McCarty (2013). Language Regenesis in Practice.

“The language regeneration cases examined here have, as Dementi-Leonard and Gilmore observe, carved out space ‘for the freedom to resist and challenge oppressive obstacles’, to refute hegemonic attitudes, and to ‘envision the unseen’ (Dementi-Leonard & Gilmore , 1999: 53).” (p 154)

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McCarty (2013). Contextualizing Native American LPP: Legal-Political, Demographic and Sociolinguistic Foundations.

“Like print literacies, technology-mediated documentation and revitalization ‘raise questions of access and power’; are these processes simply new forms of ‘storage and display, such as the museum and the archive?’, asks Eisenlohr (2004: 27).” (p 27)

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McCarty (2013). Preface – Language Planning and Policy in Native America: History, Theory, Praxis

“For the people and communities who claim endangered languages, however, the issues go far deeper. References to a ‘vanishing fund of human knowledge’, linguistic anthropologist Paul Kroskrity point out, elide ‘key connections to the larger role of threatened languages in the sociocultural lives of their speakers’, including the fight for sovereignty and the places of origin and identifications associated with the language (Kroskrity, 2011: 180).” (p xix)

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Guide: LibreOffice Writer template for student papers following APA style

APA Template Guide

The template was designed, in large part, to conform to the requirements of Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA), 6th Edition (2009). In addition, the template incorporates certain formatting conventions and enhancements to assist university students in the writing of academic papers.

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