Logue (2016). Trump used as taunt against students and minority groups.

Logue, J. (2016, March 15). Trump used as taunt against students and minority groups. Inside Higher Ed. Retrieved from https://www.insidehighered.com/news/2016/03/15/trump-used-taunt-against-students-and-minority-groups

“‘To just think about the word ‘Trump’ as simply showing or expressing support of Trump is not exactly the entire story here,’ said Eddie Comeaux, associate professor of higher education at the University of California at Riverside. ‘It’s borderline silly to think there’s not more meaning attached to’ chanting the name of a candidate that ‘plays on the fears of some of the most vulnerable, the most uninformed and misguided.'” (¶ 6)

“…’He has made it more OK to do that racist chanting and action in public, and they cheer his team for that, by name …. Pretty much like they cheer for sports or celebrity TV show folks.'” (¶ 12)

“Students take their cues for how to act from what they see happening out in the world, and ‘as [these incidents are] increasingly part of the national scene, I suspect we’ll see more of this,’ Ervin said. ‘College campuses are incubators of citizens of tomorrow, and they’ll take part in what they think is the political process.'” (¶ 15)

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