Hall (1984). God is in the Details. (The dance of life: The other dimension of time.)

Hall, E. T. (1984). God is in the Details. In The dance of life: The other dimension of time (pp. 194–205). Garden City, NY: Anchor Press/Doubleday.

“Informal culture patterns are never imposed but evolve naturally in real-life situations and have stood the test of time. They come from the people. They are shared and experienced personally and are an imperative in the structure of group identity.” (p 196)

“‘The West has been in love with its successive linear image of time … It has condemned the past to death as the tomb of irrationality and celebrated the future as the promise of perfectibility.’4 According to Fuentes, our denial of the past has led to the degradation of morality and the denial of the lessons of the past. Denial of the rights as well as the reality of other cultures is [page break] another of the consequences of Western time concepts.” (p 201-202)

“The study of time has led the human species out into the universe, down into the heart of the atom, and is the basis of much of the theory concerning the nature of the physical world. In addition, it has held the attention of philosophers and psychologists, who have tried to define the nature of time as well as the experience of time.” (p 203)

Selected Notes

  • 4. Carlos Fuentes, Honnold Lecture, Knox College, Galesburg, 111., 1981.
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