Goulet & Goulet (2014). Breaking Trail: Stories Outside the (Classroom) Box. (Teaching Each Other: Nehinuw Concepts and Indigenous Pedagogies.)

Goulet, L. M., & Goulet, K. N. (2014). Breaking Trail: Stories Outside the (Classroom) Box. In Teaching Each Other: Nehinuw Concepts and Indigenous Pedagogies (pp. 176–196). University of British Columbia Press.

[“Collaboration, Reflection, and Changing Teaching Practice for Cultural Relevance” by Bonnie Werner (p 177) …]

[“Lessons of the Land: Learnings for the Heart” by Cheryl Morin (p 182) …]

“The land is like a data bank …” (p 182)

“It is [page break] important to learn that our spirituality drives our success. To be thankful and give thanks to the Creator for giving us life and providing all that the earth supplies is to live according to the laws of the land based on humility, reverence, and a respect and understanding that we are keepers, not owners or exploiters, of the land.” (p 182-183)

[“Spiritual” and “holistic” each used 11 times in this chapter. –oki]

“Many students have reported that ‘traditional life’ in the wilderness brings a feeling of serenity and peace to one’s heart and spirit” (p 186)

“My students need to hear there is a reason for their existence …” (p 188)

“In Cheryl’s story, we see the congruence between education, the world view, and the identity of her Woodland Cree students when the land becomes the mediator of learning. … [page break] … In contrast to the constant vigilance required in schools, knowing how to interact in a safe way in the natural environment gives students a sense of competency, openness, and willingness to engage.” (p 189)

[“Elders Come to School to Teach Us All” (p 191) …]

[“Concluding Thoughts” (p 196) …]

“Other innovative approaches can also improve the instruction of Indigenous students, such as storytelling (Archibald 2008), using the arts (Goulet et al. 2011), including multimedia technology (Baker 2008), and trying new technologies to explore traditional knowledge (Hull 2002).” (p 196)

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