Goulet & Goulet (2014). Weechiseechigemitowin, Strategic Alliances: Connection to the Content. (Teaching Each Other: Nehinuw Concepts and Indigenous Pedagogies.)

Goulet, L. M., & Goulet, K. N. (2014). Weechiseechigemitowin, Strategic Alliances: Connection to the Content. In Teaching Each Other: Nehinuw Concepts and Indigenous Pedagogies (pp. 158–175). University of British Columbia Press.

“… _weechiyauguneetowin_ (partnerships) and _weechiseechigemitowin_ (alliances for common action) … ” (p 158)

[“Activities, Pictures, Talking, Listening, Silence: Language Development in a Dene Kindergarten.” (Narrative by Melva Herman.) (p 159) …]

[“Category 4: Connecting to the Content” (p 165) …]

[“Connecting Students to the Curriculum” (p 165) …]

[“Representing the Cultural Self in the Curriculum” (p 166) …]

“Including elements of the students’ culture in the curriculum showed them that their people were present, respected, and valued, and facilitated the students’ connection to the educational material.” (p 166)

“Teachers emphasized the importance of using both traditional and contemporary culture so students saw the value of their culture in the present as well as the past.” (p 166)

[“Personal Self Is Part of the Curriculum” (p 167) …]

“Having a personal relationship with students meant the teachers were aware of the characteristics and interests of their students and were able to use these to connect students to the curriculum.” (p 167)

[“Maintaining Student Focus” (p 168) …]

[“Fun in Learning” (p 168) …]

[“Interest in Learning” (p 169) …]

[“Effective Cognitive Mediators” (p 169) …]

[“Support for Cognition” (p 170) …]

[“Support for Different Learning Styles” (p 170) …]

[“Culturally Meaningful Mediators” (p 171) …]

[“Relationships beyond the Classroom” (p 172) …]

[“Parents and Families” (p 172) …]

[“School Staff” (p 173) …]

[“Elders, Knowledge Keepers, Community Members” (p 174) …]

[“Consequences of Connecting Students to the Content” (p 175) …]

“Establishing alliances and building collaborative approaches with community people (_weechiseechigemitowin_) provides the building blocks that will lead to the vision, principles, and practice of mutual respect and co-determination.” (p 175)

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