Yao (2017). The Western Elite from a Chinese Perspective.

Yao, P. (2017). The Western Elite from a Chinese Perspective. American Affairs, 1(4), 77–86.

“Their goal is always to change something — Stanford business school’s motto is ‘change lives, change organizations, change the world’ — though they rarely seem to know what or how. Or what the role of chance and circumstance is.” (¶6)

“The doctrines that shape the worldviews and cultural assumptions at elite Western institutions like Cambridge, Stanford, and Goldman Sachs have become almost religious.” (¶8)

“Years later, I discovered the teaching of Warren Buffett: it is better to be approximately right than precisely wrong. But our professors taught us to think of the real world as a math problem.” (¶15)

“What I realized is that if we look at one individual’s life in isolation, it is very tempting to come to the conclusion that one’s particular actions lead to whatever happens next. But if we look at the society as a whole or look across generations, we can see that people with very similar backgrounds can take similar actions and end up with vastly different results.” (¶38)

“After we have given our best and once the final card is drawn, we should neither become too excited by what we have achieved nor too depressed by what we failed to achieve.” (¶40)

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