Lambert (2014). Introduction. (Research for Indigenous Survival.)

Lambert, L. (2014). Introduction. In Research for Indigenous Survival: Indigenous Research Methodologies in the Behavioral Sciences (pp. 1–12). University of Nebraska Press.

[On page 1, the author states that in this book “ethno-psychology” is used interchangeably with Indigenous psychology. No similar definition or explanation is given for the word “ethnic,” as used further down the page.]

“… Indigenous research methodologies in psychology cannot take place without a discussion of culture, identity loss, colonization, land loss, and dislocation.” (p 2)

“‘Then, after he had made the sky and the earth, the flowers and the tall trees, he made the Indians. … They were the first people on the earth and they were Mi’kmaq’ (Robertson, 1969, p. 21).” (p 3)

[“Letters” would be more correctly categorized as hieroglyphics. –oki …]

“Le Clerq, was one of the first missionaries to learn the Mi’kmaq language and was able to speak with the people about their history and knowledge of writing and reading letters.” (p 3)

[Chiasson has been widely discredited. –oki …]

“He unveiled the first substantial evidence that the Chinese may have been in the New World before Columbus (Chiasson, 2006).” (p 4)

“‘It is ludicrous to imagine that the emotional functioning of people in different cultures is basically the same. It is just as ludicrous to imagine that each culture’s emotional life is unique’ (Shweder, 1991, p. 252).” (p 7)

“Western research methodologies do not convey the same rich meanings.” (p 8)

“The spiritual world seeing may include dreams and visions and intuition and listening to what the Land says to us, to what bird behavior or song tells you, or paying attention to what a bear shows you, or other events in the natural world.” (p 9)

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