Landis (1939). Problems of Farm Youth – A Point of View.

Landis, P. H. (1939). Problems of Farm Youth – A Point of View. Social Forces 18(1), 502–513.

[One of the earliest uses of the term “culture shock.” –oki]

“This undoubtedly has created problems of far-reaching consequence to youth in town and city, but an even more serious problem is inherent in the situation of the farm-reared youth who would enter an urban vocation, for not only does he lack contact and experience with the vocation, but ordinarily he must enter a strange environment and undergo possible culture shock while becoming accommodated to the new life.” (p 505)

“The term ‘marginal man’ has been used to designate individuals who bridge two fairly distinct cultures, the immigrant child, for example, who bridges the old world culture of the parental home and the new American culture.” (p 512)

Selected References

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