Hood, Howard-Jones, Laurillard, Bishop, Coffield, Frith, … Foulsham (2017). No evidence to back idea of learning styles.

Hood, B., Howard-Jones, P., Laurillard, D., Bishop, D., Coffield, F., Frith, U., … Foulsham, T. (2017, March 12). No evidence to back idea of learning styles. The Guardian. Retrieved from https://www.theguardian.com/education/2017/mar/12/no-evidence-to-back-idea-of-learning-styles

“There are, however, a number of problems with the learning styles approach. First, there is no coherent framework of preferred learning styles. … The second problem is that categorising individuals can lead to the assumption of fixed or rigid learning style, which can impair motivation to apply oneself or adapt.” (¶3)

“Finally, and most damning, is that there have been systematic studies of the effectiveness of learning styles that have consistently found either no evidence or very weak evidence to support the hypothesis that matching or ‘meshing’ material in the appropriate format to an individual’s learning style is selectively more effective for educational attainment.” (¶4)

“We would submit that any activity that draws upon resources of time and money that could be better directed to evidence-based practices is costly and should be exposed and rejected.” (¶5)

“… need for critical thinking when evaluating the claims for educational benefits …” (¶6)

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