Deerchild (2016). Lost, found and shared: Indigenous language speakers on the rise.

Deerchild, R. (2016). Lost, found and shared: Indigenous language speakers on the rise. Winnipeg, Canada. Retrieved from

“[Indigenous language was] kept from me, a secret locked away.” (0:22)

“[Family members] dream in Cree.” ()

[Squamish … reviving the language … Khelsilem at Simon Fraser University … “culturally endangered” …]

“… being around fluent speakers, … wait until they’re ready for feedback on how to pronounce correctly.” (4:04)

[Learned working with elders; grew up with grandmother … stressed importance of language, but did not hear it as conversational language. (5:09)]

[In Vancouver, hearing others’ languages and wondering why he wasn’t speaking his own language. (6:08)]

[Learning the language in the language (program) ie, as context not as subject. (6:49)]

[Language learning was easy, community support was difficult. (7:04)]

[Online language lessons – a few words in Cree, Ojibway, Dakota, Inuktitut.]

[Wendat (Iroquois) … Megan Lukianec, linguist]

“… whole other world to discover, you see the world through a different lens.” (12:53)

[Using historic dictionaries (Jesuit). Describes revival process and reconstruction. (16:31)]

[Gwich’in … Jacey Firth-Hagen (17:26)]

[New media, online communities.]

“Speak Gwich’in to me.” (17:47)

[Using Instagram, eg, from conference with Sami peoples.]

[Social media makes it easier. Pronunciation. (19:19)]

[Nova Scotia … Savannah Simon … Mi’kmaq (19:54)]

[Jacey … Gwich’in … urgency to preserve language. (21:16)]

[Ojibway … Maya Chacaby]

“… some place to belong in the world …” (21:59)

[Connection with elders at Friendship Centre (22:12)]

[Teaches Ojibway at Glendon College, York University. Traditional story-telling, role-playing games. Specific Anishinabe pedagogical practices.]

“… using our own technologies, our own ways of teaching …” (24:27)

[Cree … Belinda Daniels … Saskatoon (25:55)]

[Wish to be included; desire, curiosity of Cree language.]

“… in the language …” (30:14)

“Why are jokes funnier in Cree?” (30:19)

[Oji-Cree … Ruby Morris … Sioux Lookout (31:47)]

[Teaching over the radio, Northern Ontario. Sad she could not communicate with grandmother in letters (residential schools).]

“… didn’t belong anywhere …” (33:32)

[Speaking, reading, writing – to master a language (35:28)]

[Using also the telephone … YYK radio system (? … see … young people should be exposed through community. Wahsa distance learning.]

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