Burkhardt (1948). Education with a Deadline.

Burkhardt, F. (1948). Education with a Deadline. The Journal of Higher Education, 19(1), 9–54. http://doi.org/10.2307/1975042

[Referring to destruction of Hiroshima and beginnings of the atomic age … –oki]

“There is a common awareness that a new age has begun for mankind. There is no joy in this awareness, however, because its birth was marked by the destruction of an entire city, an event which gave immediate testimony of the hideous possibilities of the future. As a result, there is also a common awareness of a great deadline. I do not, of course, mean that anyone knows its precise date. I mean to convey by the figure only the general sense of urgency, the feeling that something must be done before it is too late. ‘Too late’ will be the day the third world war breaks out. This is the deadline we are working against.” (p 9)

“Now deadlines are particularly uncongenial to educators, not only because they are accustomed to the long view, but because in times of great cultural stress and crisis the ways of reason are notoriously difficult.” (p 9)

“The common theme is the demand that education today must provide a science of man which is commensurate with our knowledge and control of nature. … the search for the science of man constitutes the response of modern education to the deadline.” (p 10)

“Let us remember that we have a deadline and that, in view of it, we cannot risk doing a disservice to the science of man.” (p 54)

“But then competition will be focused where it really belongs, in meeting the deadline successfully, and the competitors will draw their encouragement not from forays against one another but from prospects of the larger victory.” (p 54)

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