Petre & Rugg (2010). Writing.

Petre, M., & Rugg, G. (2010). Writing. In The Unwritten Rules Of PhD Research (pp. 128–141). McGraw-Hill International.

[“What will you need to write?” … 129]

“Your university will have published guidelines about structure and format, which you should follow scrupulously: departing from these sends out a signal that you are clueless.” (p 129)

“… how to write funding proposals … beyond the scope of this book …” (p 129)

[“The dissertation: core concepts” … 130]

“… remember the ground rules: a dissertation should stand on its own — if the examiner misunderstands it, then that’s the candidate’s problem, not the examiner’s.” (p 130)

[“Dissertation FAQs” … 130]

[“Journal papers” … 132]

“The wise thing to do with corrections is to take the initiative. Draw up a list of the required changes, work through them systematically and write a covering letter listing the changes and saying clearly and specifically how you have made them and where. … Taking advice from experienced and wise colleagues is a good idea at this point.” (p 135)

[“The process of publication” … 135]

[“Papers from theses” … 138]

[“Paper checklist” … 140]

“Use of literature … Have you cited the seminal text(s) … classic texts … foundational text(s)?” (p 140)

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