Current Rodinal-like film developers

A number of film developers today are said to be based on the original formulations of the esteemed but now-discontinued Agfa Rodinal, a high-acutance, paraminophenol-based (4-Aminophenol) developer. Due to trademarks, some of these new developers are not allowed to use the name “Rodinal.” The following table lists these products and links to sources.

Product name Distributor/Manufacturer Web site
Adonal Adox Adox Adonal
Blazinal Blazes Photographic / Compard (see Chemistry)
R09 One Shot Compard Maco Direct
R09 / R09 New Maco / Hans O. Mahn

Identical Formulations

On its web site, Adox claims its Adonal formulation is identical to the 2004 Rodinal recipe. The page acknowledges the Rodinal trademark.

According to Digital Truth, the developers manufactured by Adox, Compard, and Maco/Hans O. Mahn are “identical” in formulation to the Agfa Rodinal recipe. Bearing this in mind, the films, dilutions, and development times used with Rodinal would be suitable with these newer developers.

A datasheet from Agfa provides reasonably current (2003) development times and technical information for Rodinal.


Blazinal is a brand of film developer marketed in Canada. A bottle of this developer purchased from in April, 2014, showed the manufacturer as Compard, Germany. The product number given on the Blazinal package was “AFRO15.” The MSDS for Compard R09 One Shot shows exactly the same product number: “AFRO15.” Given this information, it would be safe to assume that Blazinal is a repackaging of the Compard R09 One Shot developer, listed above.

Blazinal has been occasionally stocked by Photo Central in Winnipeg (Canada).



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