Manitoba Fall Suppers 2014

This is a map for 2014. See the newest map here.

MetroCBCThis map identifies many of the rural Manitoba fall suppers taking place in 2014. Select a town name from the drop-down menu, below, to highlight its location on the map. Click the push-pins on the map to display additional information about the fall supper at that location.

Know about a fall supper that’s not shown? Please use this form to let us know.

Caveat: The data for this map was found at various online sources and may be incorrect or out-of-date. Contact the event organizers in advance of any travel to ensure correct dates and locations.

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10 comments on “Manitoba Fall Suppers 2014

  1. Pilot Mound, Crystal City and surrounding areas always have fall suppers, which I love going to. Are they going to be listed on here soon? It would be great if they were so I don’t have to wait for the town papers to come out(or my grandma)to let me know when they are.

    • Thanks for the follow-up. I can certainly relate to the feeling of waiting for information about a favourite fall supper!

      In compiling the listing on this page, I use a number of online resources–including town web sites–as my information sources. I have posted a form (link higher up on the page) where organizers can send me information. But if a given event isn’t advertised, or if there is no alternate, verifiable source of information, then I have nothing to list for that event. That being said, if I come across any new information, I try to post it up as soon as I can. (You’ll be happy to know that I’ve received info for Pilot Mound, to be updated soon.)

      To give you an idea of the information gap, there currently are about 65 suppers listed on the map. However, I also have a list of over 80 towns that have had suppers in previous years but for which I have no information for 2014. (Crystal City is on this list of missing suppers.)

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