Kinasevych (2011). Considering culture in e-learning environments and post-secondary learning success (Abstract).

Kinasevych, O. (2011, December 30). Considering culture in e-learning environments and post-secondary learning success. Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, Michigan.


“This study sought to identify the relationships between cultural factors, e-learning design, and learning success. It probed the cultures of respondents, their perceptions of the usability characteristics of e-learning tools, and their subjective assessments of their learning. The study aimed to identify correlations between culture and perceptions of usability, as well as between these perceptions and learning success. An extensive literature review identified appropriate cultural definitions, usability heuristics, education theory, and applicable research models.

“Participants were 40 students at two Canadian colleges who had been enrolled in online instruction. Their exposure to online learning tools was crucial to the study. A single online survey instrument was used to collect subjective data from the participants. The survey instrument made use of questions based on the work of Hofstede (2001), questions regarding e- learning usability, questions regarding subjective learning success, and questions about demographics. Methodology is described in detail.

“Response data were tested for potential correlations. Inferential statistics were used to identify whether the data may generalize to the larger population. Although some significant observations were made, the findings were not conclusive. Recommendations include additional study of cultural factors in e-learning.”


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