Veltsos & Veltsos (2010). Teaching responsibly with technology-mediated communication.

Veltsos, J. R., & Veltsos, C. (2010). Teaching responsibly with technology-mediated communication. Business Communication Quarterly, 73(4), 463-467. doi:10.1177/1080569910385397

“… including issues involving privacy, intellectual property violations, data security, and violations of the [U.S.] Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.” (p 464)

[“Protect Your Students”]

“Give students the option to create ‘sock puppets’ or false online identities to protect themselves (Gossett, Potts, & Rhodes, 2010).” (p 464)

“Who owns the information posted on the site?” (p 464)

[“Protect the Work of Others”]

“… photos, music, and videos they find online are equally protected by copyright and that using those media without citing their sources is a violation of intellectual property.” (p 465)

[“Protect Yourself”]

“Using new media changes that dynamic, creating a space that extends beyond the campus geography and continues to exist after grades are turned in.” (p 466)


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