Levin (1995). The Challenge of Leadership.

Levin, J. (1995). The Challenge of Leadership. In J. D. Dennison (Ed.), Challenge and Opportunity: Canada’s Community Colleges at the Crossroads (pp. 105-120). UBC Press.

Levin describes college function, democratic values:

“These principles include institutional responsiveness to community needs, the maintenance of a comprehensive curriculum, institutional emphasis upon teaching and providing services to students, and the articulation, if not necessarily the application of democratic values in institutional governance.” (p. 105) (per Levin and Dennison 1989)


“… assisted in the creation of a democratic society through expanding the dissemination of information.” (p. 107)

Regarding the focus of community colleges in Canada:

“… the community focus has been replaced with a provincial focus.” (p. 109)

“… the institution has a mandate to protect and promote their well-being.” (p. 109)

“… social transformation …” (p. 110)

“… the community college is supported by a philosophy that advances the cause of democratic principles …” (p. 110) (per Dennison and Gallagher 1986, Levin and Dennison 1989)

“The democratic and communal character of the community college suggests that hierarchically based leadership is inappropriate.” (p. 115)

Possibility that some stakeholders in power/influence …

“… may have inhibited, frustrated, or even blocked the drive for social improvement through community college education.” (p. 107)

The effect/power of larger social forces …

“… especially students, are engaged in playing out a societal conflict between upward social mobility and the status quo.” (p. 109)

Role of governments …

“… the community focus has been replaced with a provincial focus.” (p. 109) (from Levin and Dennison 1989)

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