Dennison (1995). Community College Development in Canada since 1985.

Dennison, J. D. (1995). Community College Development in Canada since 1985. In J. D. Dennison (Ed.), Challenge and Opportunity: Canada’s Community Colleges at the Crossroads (pp. 13-104). UBC Press.

Dennison “Community College Development Since 1985” (pp 13-104)

CJS Canadian Jobs Strategy (p. 34)

Manitoba Bill 49, Colleges and Consequential Amendments Act 1993 (p. 38)

“Doing Things Differently” (Roblin Report) 1993 (p. 41)

Council on Postsecondary Education (p. 42)

“expenditures for education are an investment in the future (unlike expenditures which consist in distributing money to persons for day-to-day needs).” (p. 65)

Remarking on Holland College in PEI …

“The Electromechanical Department recently issued Canada’s first training warranty — if the calibre of its graduates is not acceptable, they will be retrained at the college’s expense.” (p. 81)

Remarking on Yukon College …

“… a good example of the classical model of the community college (i.e., it emphasizes operational flexibility and innovation).” (p. 93)

“It is apparent that, within the educational spectrum, colleges are the most appropriate (and in some cases the only) institutes to offer educational and training opportunities to disadvantaged adults.” (p. 96)

“Vocational and technical training has long suffered from a status problem, a problem reinforced by the media.” (pp. 98-99)

“Efforts to raise the status and appeal of college training are not aided by the instability of employment opportunities for graduates.” (pp. 99)

Commenting on Canada’s needed priority to: …

“… removing barriers which have for so long confronted the disadvantaged.” (p. 99)

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