King (2012). Here come the anthros.


“Whose ethics? In this era of aboriginal self-government, it is not for the outsider to set the rules of conduct on our lands and in our communities. It is our right and responsibility as aboriginal nations to do that. It is the right and responsibility of researchers to respect and comply with our standards.”

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Guide: LibreOffice Writer template for student papers following APA style

APA Template Guide

The template was designed, in large part, to conform to the requirements of Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA), 6th Edition (2009). In addition, the template incorporates certain formatting conventions and enhancements to assist university students in the writing of academic papers.

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Sinclair (2013). First Thought. (Nindoodemag Bagijiganan: A History Of Anishinaabeg Narrative)

“Translated often as an ‘offering,’ ‘presentation,’ or a ‘gift,’ a bagijigan is arguably the most important social, political, and ideological interaction in Anishinaabeg life.” (p 18)

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